Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog is our premium brand, focused on the value our dogs get from the food. Whether you’re hiking through the woods, climbing the hills or staying at home in winter time, this food is meant to keep your dog healthy and happy. Primarily formulated for the work dogs, living with the cattle and sheep, this brand captures the free spirit of these, almost wolf like, dogs. The recipes are wholesome, palatable and with excellent digestibility.

  • Premium quality, chicken is the main protein source
  • Dedicated to keep freshness, large bags with internal division, to keep the food fresh and tasty
  • High palatability, dogs just love this food
  • All of our products do not contain pork or pork products.
productbag sizes (Kg)min. proteinmin. fat
maintenance22.6/ 4*5.6522%12%
adult22.6/ 4*5.6622%8%
performance22.6/ 4*5.6727%16%

Original Chicken

Sensitive Fish